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How our client collected 10,000 leads from the Travel Fair

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How our client collected 10,000 leads from the Travel Fair

Have you ever been with your company at a trade fair or a similar event? The truth is that for many entrepreneurs, trade fairs are really good and lucrative events. Although trade success cannot be measured directly in money, in many cases sales can be shown to be from attended trade fairs.

There is another side to all truths: fairs are often really heavy for the exhibitor. The fair will later prove to be a success or not, but it always demands a great deal of mental, physical and financial resources.

Many times weeks before the fair, there is a drop in normal work efficiency, and the same is often true for the week after the fair. That is why it is very important to think about how to be at fairs and events to get the most out of them.

Case: 10,000 leads from one fair. How?

We thought we would share with you one client case where we helped our client streamline their Travel Fair activities in terms of gathering leads.

Normally, at events and fairs, leads are collected through various competitions and / or sweepstakes. Let’s turn the Wheel of Fortune spin and see if there’s a win. Worst case scenario – unfortunately, this is still happening – the customer records his information on a piece of paper, from where it is (perhaps) transferred to digital format and CRM.

In this particular event, we equipped our client with six (6) self-developed, automated leadsmachines at the fair stand. In practice, this meant that their department had automated leadsmachines that pulled the crowd into their department, collected the leads on their own – instantly in digital form, ready to be ported to CRM – and shared fun around with fanfare and instant wins.

All this happened in such a way that…

  1. The exhibitor was able to focus on what was essential: helping his clients and stand guests with 100% attention
  2. The exhibitor got people to his stand without trying to attract them anyhow, which can sometimes even have a negative impact on people’s perceived comfort
  3. The exhibitor received thousands and again thousands of newsletter subscribers without the normal hassle of collecting them – all done automatically by leadsmachines

Without Leadsmachines our department would have been very quiet. Now we had a real buzz at our stand, with customers entering all the time and thousands of newsletter subscribers. We are more than happy!

Although events and fairs often require a lot of resources, optimizing your company’s operating models can create a lot of sales opportunities.


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