Over the years, we have helped countless small, medium, and large companies enhance their lead acquisition in events and business premises.

Measuring customer experience has also become an increasingly important part of optimally functioning and evolving business.

Sembalot event at the Sello shopping center

In Sello’s Sembalo, various quick wins were given to customers of the shopping center with the help of Liidimasina. In this way, we succeeded in gaining a record number of participants while establishing a customer relationship. The ticket printed by the Leadsmachines allowed the mall’s customers to redeem their prizes at various Sello stores, which was a very effective way of directing visitors to the mall’s different stores.

St Peter Line / Travel Fair

St Peter Line’s goal was to get a lot of new customer contacts while also getting newsletter subscribers. During the travel fair, people queued up at St Peter Line’s Leadsmachines to enter the sweepstakes designed specifically for them. In this way, the company’s own staff was able to focus on potential customers as efficiently as possible while the Leadsmachines were doing their job.

“We are very pleased with the performance and results of Liquid Machines!” – Sirje Kaivola


“With the help of Leadsmachines, we can get contacts easily and efficiently. We use Leadsmachines throughout the year at the fairs!” / Travel Fair

At this fair, the Beach Ball Stand was in the far corner, but the Leadsmachines attracted their visitors to the stand with their instant wins and fanfare as the main attraction.

“Without Leadsmachines our department would have been very quiet. Now we have a real marketplace for our stand, with customers entering without a hunch and thousands of newsletter subscribers. We are more than happy!”

Now is the time to build similar success for you!

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