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Acquiring Leads in Events – Avoid Costly Mistakes

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Acquiring Leads in Events – Avoid Costly Mistakes

As always, getting leads at events should be done sensibly. Events are typically demanding investments for businesses, both financially and time-consuming, and in most cases also put pressure on the resourcing of ordinary business. This makes it all the more important that event investment be utilized as effectively as possible.

Whereas online lead acquisition has its own challenges (including quality) for both the consumer and B2B sides, the leads collected in the event are generally of much higher quality. This is due, among other things, to the fact that, according to studies, consumers are financially more financially sound.

Effective lead acquisition

At its best, we have managed to gain thousands of leads for our clients at individual events, while freeing up resources for their potential clients. When Lead Country takes care of lead acquisition for you, you are making your own events more efficient. At the same time, you can be sure that the time and money you invest in events will return to you in multiples.

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The challenge with getting leads at individual small events or larger fairs is usually that it is ineffective. This is because only a fraction of the potential customers passing the fair stand can really be helped at major events.

In smaller events, consumers are too used to dodging event personnel, reaching only those who were initially interested in your company’s products and / or services. By helping Leads in the acquisition of leads, this process will be greatly enhanced, which will help you reach your target audience more effectively and ensure that you are making your event investment worthwhile.

Outsourced lead acquisition for events

With the Lead Machine, you can outsource lead acquisition events by focusing on the most essential: the best possible service for your potential clients. When Lead Country carries out lead acquisition for you, your time is spent on service and sales. Plus, you get your lead directly in electronic form.


Over the years, we have helped numerous larger and smaller companies find new customers through effective lead acquisition. We also do customer satisfaction surveys, just as effectively. By knowing as much as possible what your customers think of your service, you will be able to agile develop your service in the right direction.

Today’s competitive advantages are created by stepping up our efforts.

We ensure that your event investment becomes profitable both in time and in money.

When we together ensure that visitors to the event will change you as the relevant recipients of the newsletter and / or sales Prospekt, then the events of the economically positive effects will come into view a company’s cash long after the event.


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